Saturday, May 19, 2012

Raspberry Kiss Brownies

Around Valentine's Day this year I found these Raspberry Hugs from Hershey's. I wanted to try them in a quick dessert to share with my co-workers so I used an idea I had tried in the past from the blog Picky Palate.

I whipped up a batch of brownies, placed the kisses in my mini muffin pan and covered them with brownie batter.

My co-workers thought they were just plain brownie bites on the table in the break room.

They were pleasantly surprised to bite into a yummy raspberry kiss!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Birthday Cakes

My last entry was one week before my Ben turned 7. That was also about the same time I was introduced to Pintrest. My nephew shared the KitKat Cake idea from Pintrest with Ben and that's what he ended up requesting. The middle was a double layer, chocolate cake -- with crushed Andes mints at Ben's request also.

We also celebrated my niece's birthday the same day. She is very girly and her only cake requests were that it would be pink and have strawberries around it. This is a strawberry-flavored cake with pink icing. The strawberries are dipped in melted icing. And the lettered balls at the top are my first, and so far, my only attempt at cake pops.

Between the candy covered chocolate cake and the sweet, moist strawberry cake we had a fun and delicious night of celebrating!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another Birthday...

 I am going to pretend it has not been almost two years since I have posted a blog!  Wow! 
Thankfully it has not been because of any major events happening in my life.  It has just been life.  I haven't stopped cooking or baking, I've even photographed some of my food along the way.  But somehow between the kitchen and the computer I have managed to drop the ball. 
I am really excited to get back into the world of blogging again! 
Before I upload my new photos and recipes I want to share a few older ones. 
My favorite little kitchen helper will turn 7 in just 7 days!  I can hardly believe that!  He still has an incredible sweet tooth like his momma.  He enjoys looking at pictures of desserts on-line and in cookbooks.  And he is always dreaming up some kind of concoction of his own. 
So to honor my soon to be 7 year old I thought I would share the birthday cakes  I have made for him the past 6 years.  It is fun to look back and see the different characters he has been "into" over the years.  We are still working on ideas for this years cake.

Happy Birthday Ben!!!