Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Treats

Well, I won't say that I have officially started my holiday baking, but I'm definitely looking into what I want to try this year.  And this world of food blogs has opened my eyes to so many new recipes.  I love it!  I visited Picky Palate this week and found this great recipe for Candy Cane Kiss Centered Brownies.  I have to admit I bombed my first round of these.  I know you're wondering how someone can mess up brownies from a box.  Well, I didn't let them finish baking all the way and I had a big, half-baked brownie mess on my hands.

I didn't want all the brownie pieces to go to waste so I decided to try something with them.  I melted Hersheys chocolate bars, mixed in the brownie pieces and a bag of mint M&Ms.  (If you haven't tried these M&Ms yet, you should.  They are sooo good!)

I rolled the batter in a mixture of powdered sugar and crushed candy canes and rolled it up in wax paper.  I let this cool in the refridgerator.
The result?  It turned out very delicious, but hard to cut.  I think I'll try it again - with a few changes.  Maybe I'll spread it into a thinner layer-and not let them cool all the way before I cut into them. 
So, in the end I crunched it up into smaller pieces and my husband loves it. 
Not such a bad mistake after all.


  1. I saw these too and really want to make them...but don't dare! I would eat most of them myself I am sure! I'll have to make and bring to work I guess!

  2. Awesome site Gert. Hey- your chocolate remakes of the "brownie disaster" looks like a great dessert biscotti- the harder the better for dunking my dear. And you ARE a great cook, belying the old adage "never trust a skinny cook". Hugs :-) marie

  3. Gretchen, I love your site! I think I'll be brave and try some of these recipes out. You and Marie are the ones that work wonders in the kitchen, I wish I had that creative talent. If it isn't spelled out for me, I'm not so good at it. I hope to take a few lessons from you both! :)